First time projector user needs help! Wireless video vs. wireless audio.
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Help figuring out the best setup for a home theater projector. Total projector newb here....

I'm moving to a new house with a larger living room in March and I recently purchased this Acer projector after reading a lot of reviews saying it pretty much destroys anything under $500 away.

I did this lame SketchUp for a visual aid as to what I'd like to do.

I wanted the Xbox and the PC and the receiver to all be on the screen side of the room because (from what I can tell) setting up the Kinect wirelessly is a somewhat expensive nightmare, I don't want a PC directly behind me on the couch, and I don't want to have cables running across my living room floor. It's old oak floors with area rugs.

I realize audio is much easier to wirelessly transmit, but for the reasons stated above I would much prefer the components in front of the couch.

To further complicate things the projector only has VGA input (it scales HD to XGA), so I'll be using the component output of the xbox and the DVI output of my video card with a VGA adapter. So, I'll need a signal switcher with remote too.

PS I did search first, but this thread is about a projector with built-in wireless capability.
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Is it a rental, or are you buying? If you're buying, I urge you to consider doing it the right way, biting the bullet and pulling the cable through the wall instead of trying to do this wirelessly.
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This is a purchase. I'm also renting the house, so I doubt they'd be cool with me doing wiring in the walls. Also, the whole wall behind the couch is windows, so I'd still have wires everywhere.
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I would not expect great quality from any wireless video. I would hang it from the ceiling and put a stick-on cable raceway from the entertainment area to it.

As for cables, the quality of the cable makes a huge difference. You want a fat, shielded cable running to the projector. Otherwise you'll get nasty "ringing". (which is very tight ghosting on anything contrasty) You don't need a $500 monster cable, but something like this rather than this.
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