Chrome on my work computer is killing me. Help!
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I use (and love) Google Chrome both my home (Mac) and work (Win 7, 64-bit) computers. But in the last few weeks Chrome has become nigh-unusable. Basically, what's happening is that ~20 minutes after opening the browser, an attempt to access any new domain will a) take forever and b) freeze up the other tabs, so that they won't scroll or allow text selection. Restarting Chrome fixes the problem, but only for another 20 minutes or so. I've tried the various Flash fixes out there and nothing has worked; this has only been a problem in the last few weeks or so. Please help, I really don't want to go back to firefox. Thanks!
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Try reinstalling Chrome.
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Response by poster: Ah, should clarify, tried that too.
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Chrome has just pushed an update that may not be compatible with your add-ons/extensions. Go to and install an older version and see if that helps. Otherwise, go into your extensions tab in the browser window, enable "developer mode", and update all extensions manually. This will only work if the developers have updated them, though.
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It may help to let us know what version of Chrome you're using, as well as what add-ons/extensions you have installed.
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I had this problem and fixed it by making some tweaks to adblocker. If updating your extensions as elizardbits recommends doesn't help, then try disabling them all and adding them back one by one to figure out which one(s) might be causing your issues.
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I definitely remember a problem I had with firefox on windows, where reinstalling didn't help, but clearing out my profile data (iirc) did. I had to delete (move aside) a directory that had all my personal settings, bookmarks, etc, and that helped clear things up.
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Chrome always did that to me. Didn't matter which computer or version of Chrome. For whatever reason, it would just randomly not load some web pages. When I'd retry, they would load fine, but it was seriously annoying. I talked to friends about it and they had the same problem. So as much as I love Google, I said fuck it. I've happily used Firefox ever since.
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