Help match-make the perfect accelerometer for this research study.
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I'm trying to identify the ideal activity monitoring device for a research study. Interested in both commercial devices (ex: FitBit) and clinical monitors (ActiGraph). Not a pedometer; must be an accelerometer (i.e., measure activity like playing with your kids). Wish list inside.

This device must:
A: Be more than a pedometer - not measuring just steps, but overall activity (i.e., playing with your kids).
B: Not require the wearer to do anything with it for at least 7 days at a time - should be something the wearer does not have to charge, etc. Just remember to put it on daily. (Note: The Nike+ FuelBand is disqualified because their rep told me it should be charged via USB every 4 days).
C: Can sync (wirelessly, ideally) to a computer running some kind of data collection software
D: Can store up to 7 days of data at a time before it syncs/uploads the data to the software.
E: Does not require the actual wearer to own a smartphone, computer, etc.

Ideally, the software could handle multiple people (let's say 100) syncing to the software without having some kind of tedious user account management - I'm hoping to avoid syncing by logging out of a user account for user 67, then logging into a user account for user 68, etc. My dream is that the device would be tagged with user 67, then when it syncs (wirelessly, USB, etc) it automagically records the activity data for user 67.

Also, I'm not that interested in a device which provides feedback to the user - it just needs to measure their activity (beyond steps taken). If it does provide some feedback, that's not a disqualifier- just beyond what I'm interested in at this point.

I'm currently looking into the FitBit (Flex), ActiGraph GT3X+, SenseWear, and RT3. What other devices should I be checking against my criteria?

Let me know if I can provide further details about why I'm looking for what I'm describing, or if I need to compromise on one of the items above (i.e., maybe 7 days isn't the cutoff but 5 days is doable). Obviously cheaper is better but at this point I'm more interested in the feasibility and what is available on the market for consumer or clinical purchase.

I'm taking this question to some kinesiology experts about this as well, but wanted to check the hive mind too! Thanks in advance!
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Here is a list of wearable logging devices that will capture data about movement or physiological measures for multiple days from an open source project called Wockets.
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Just today I saw the Amiigo project and it has some aspects you are looking for. It isn't released yet, but they will have an SDK.
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Just a data point about the FuelBand - the rep was incorrect about how often you need to charge it. I charge mine approximately every two weeks. I'm charging mine right now and the last time I charged it was 13 days ago. I don't know if it will meet all your other criteria, but if that's the only showstopper for you, I thought you should know that.
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