How do I forward a domain without the ads or fees?
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I have a domain,, that I want to have forwarded to my Google Sites webpage. My old domain company did it for free but now that I signed with they want either a fee to do it or I have to accept their annoying banner ad. How do I get around this?

Did I make a mistake going with Do I need to reregister with another company that has free forwarding?
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you could just create an index page for the original web site that forwards to the new example is located here.
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Are you talking about their 50$ fee? That seems expensive. Elsewhere, you can have 5 years of domain hosting and forwarding for that. Maybe you can move your domain?

This article seems to be relevant to your interests.
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you could just create an index page for the original web site that forwards to the new example is located here.
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But wouldn't I need someplace to host that index page? wants $13/month for just a basic site.
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Domain registration is separate from hosting. You are paying a lot for domain registration at
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I know, I should have said that wants $13/month for basic site hosting. I paid $12 to register the domain. So without paying for hosting my only way to forward the site would be to reregister it with a different company?
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Nope. You can have one company register your domain and another company host it. Or you could host it yourself.

Once you join a hosting company you like, all you need to do is add the nameserver to your's information.
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Ah I was just answering your last question. Rereading your original question and looking over's website. It looks like you don't have a choice. Either you pay their fee or display their banner. (Also, this is really shitty of them)

If you don't want the banner, don't want to pay for hosting, and don't want to pay their fee, then the best solution is to register the domain with another company.

You could set up hosting through a place like NearlyFreeSpeech (Super low cost "pay for what you use" hosting service) and from there put up a forwarding page it like huronbob is suggesting.
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For over a decade I've used French domain registrar to register my domains, and they do free redirects. (They are not the only company to do this, but I chose them at the time because they were the only registrar I found to explicitly guarantee you the ownership of your domain name & rights at a time when some major registrars were suspending domains for questionable reasons.)

The cost to you would simply be for adding a year ($16 for .com) to your domain ownership as you do a domain transfer to them.

I have two domains which redirect, one to a Tumblr account and one to a Posterous account. No problems.
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NameCheap also does free redirects (with or without a frame -- the frame hides the destination URL). I recommend them.
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Yes, you made a mistake going with A provider that charges for basic name server functionality or inserts ads for any reason whatsoever is a scam operation.

I've had good experiences with Namecheap.
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What you need to do is transfer the domain to a less rapacious registration company. You will then be able to forward both email and web pages to wherever you want.
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It should be possible to use a different DNS host while keeping your domain registered at There's quite a few free dns hosting options. I think namecheap gives you free dns even if you don't have a domain with them. There's,, and others if you google for them. If you set DNS hosting outside of I can't see how could do the banner ads. I've never used any of these services because my registrars' DNS options were OK. It's probably easier to transfer the domain away from
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