I hate ticks!
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Houston, we have a tick problem...

I recently got a new dog from the humane society after my last dog of 15 years died... Unfortunately, she has brought with her some friends -- ticks! At first, I thought it was a small problem, so had her professionally groomed, etc. However, the situation has escalated.. She is covered in ticks now, and I believe they are in the yard and possibly house now.

I have heard mixed things about collars, shampoos, and even Frontline.

Anybody ever survive an infestation? What can I do to get this under control? Help!
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Take her to a vet. Get professional help.

We use Advantix and Frontline for our dogs. One dog is on Advantix and the other Frontline. I don't remember which at the moment. They're on two meds because one line doesn't make a product for massive (140 lb. +) dogs. Anyway, neither of our dogs have ticks or fleas.
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Preventic collars are about the only really effective tick-preventative measures there are, as far as I'm concerned. Contact your vet asap to have her checked for tick-borne diseases, and to discuss how to treat the infestation. You will need to treat your house and yard (as far as I know, ticks only need a blood meal when they are preparing to reproduce, which means you likely have zillions of baby ticks all over your house and yard). I can't repeat this enough: the products you get from your vet are the ONLY things you should use - what you can buy in a pet store are both less safe (especially Hartz products) and less effective than what you get from the vet. Your vet will be familiar with the specific types of ticks in your area, and will know the best way to treat them. Good luck, ticks are horrible.
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I've used the above mentioned collars, shampoos, and frontline in addition to yard sprays all to pretty decent effect. The only thing I've seen work 100% was the old Alabama trick of motor oil and sevin dust. I doubt you want to try that one, especially if you ever want your dog in the house again.

Maybe you should just try the sevin in the yard.
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Note: I did not want to imply that I would actually apply motor oil and sevin to a dog personally, just that I have seen old-timers in Alabama do so and it was very effective. You can imagine, these dogs tended to live under porches, by the score.
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I second the Preventic collar. When we lived in Houston we fostered for Great Dane rescue and this was the only thing that would get rid of the ticks on some of the Danes we got from shelters. You will want to treat your yard with something as well.
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I use frontline. It is important to note that it takes some time to work and that it is used monthly for ticks instead of every three months for fleas. I live in the woods and am surrounded by deer, so treating the dogs (3 lab mixes) is our only option, but it seems to work well.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the suggestions so far! I will start with a preventic collar and then look into Frontline. Any recommendations on what to use in the yard?
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