Birthday Boy in Frankfurt?
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Our son will be turning 11 during our trip to Germany in a few weeks. We're planning on traveling from Wolfsburg to Frankfurt by train that day, and we're flying home the next morning, so where should we go in Frankfurt for a memorable birthday dinner?

He's a somewhat adventurous eater so it doesn't necessarily need to be a kid-friendly menu. We're looking for some kind of a special place for a memorable dinner.... a cool building, unique experience or sciency-industrial theme or something would be amazing if we could find one. Any ideas?
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Best answer: It's late and I'm tired but here are some places off the top of my head:

Chicago Meatpackers is a burger joint, doesn't really compare with American burgers but the place has a good vibe - good decoration, small trains on tracks running along the ceiling and stuff. Close to the Hauptbahnhof, by the new opera place.

Die Kuh die Lacht is another burger joint, but the food is all organic / locally sourced, and is kind of a neat place. There are multiple locations in town.

Monkeys Nudles Bar is a cool pasta place (not italian) with a fun vibe. Fun fact: owned by the family I used to babysit for, and they would always bring me food back when I watched their kids. This is near Eschenheimer Tor in downtown.
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Experimenta is the hands-on science museum in Frankfurt, but it only has a cafe. There is this nice-looking Japanese izakaya nearby.

(You'll probably be on the intercity-express from Wolfsburg to Frankfurt; these have really nice restaurant cars (amazingly so by UK standards) and you can get a decent meal there while travelling at 200kmh, which might be a nice novelty)

(also Phaeno is a brilliant hands-on science centre in Wolfsburg, and the least boring place to eat here is probably the "Mongolian" buffet and grill at Mr Lee near the station, mail me if you need any more info about Wolfsburg)
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Best answer: It's been a long time since I've been to Frankfurt, buuuut...Frankfurt isn't Frankfurt without Apfelwein. Order him a glass. Yes, it's alcoholic.

You maaaaaaaay be able to find it with bubbles, and if so, do that. Fizzy apple champagne is hard to beat. (You probably won't be able to find it with bubbles. :( )
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Does he like airplanes?

At Frankfurt/Main airport in Terminal 2 is a large open-air food court with a massive window looking out on the gates and runways. For a few € more you can go outside and watch the planes from a balcony. And you don't need a ticket or pass through TSA to get here (you do have some minimal screening to do the outside thing).

Food is okay and includes a large McDonald's with a playland. It's nothing spectacular, but my son went batshit at the ability to eat a cheeseburger and watch planes take off in full view at the same time.
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Response by poster: Thanks all! We went to Apfelwein Wagner and while he tried the apfelwein, he immediately said "Alcohol is totally disgusting!" so mission accomplished there. We had a great time and thanks for your input!
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