Where can I run Paris?
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We're staying near the Hotel Le Littre from next Thursday through Sunday. Where I can I go for a nice run?

The wifey and I are heading out for some excitement across the Atlantic in Paris, and then in London. We are going to be in Paris from next Thursday through Sunday (after which, we're continuing on to London).

We will be staying at Hotel Le Littre, and I want to run--between 5 and 8 miles would be ideal. All I know about the area is what I see on Google Maps and in the tour books. It doesn't really tell me where there are good places to run, or if the streets and/or sidewalks are too narrow or crowded. I wouldn't mind crossing a couple of busy streets, but don't want to do this repeatedly. And I don't know French, which I hope won't be too much of a problem. Unless I get lost--in which case I may have difficulty asking for directions (more so from stubbornness than the language barrier).

I'd love to hear your thoughts if you have ideas for multiple routes, or if there's something a short metro ride away. Bonus points for amazing sites and flat stretches. You'll lose points if I trip on cobblestones or get stabbed.

And is there anything major I should know about running in Paris? Any odd laws or rules that I should know? Do they take jaywalking seriously over there? Is it advisable to run at a certain time of day versus another (ie. morning versus evening)?
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Your hotel isn't far from the Luxembourg Gardens. Many French runners and expats jog on the outermost paths of the park. You'll need to do multiple circuits to get in your miles, but the park is so beautiful, I don't think you'll mind. I'm not sure what time the police whistle blows to lock the gates at this time of year, so keep in mind that they close the park when it starts to get dark. Jogging on Paris streets near your hotel would be like jogging in Manhattan. Impossible. So just get yourself into the park, and do your run entirely there. Bonne "footing!"
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Thank you very much. That sounds damn near perfect. Any routes along the Seine that you might recommend, or is that too crowded? Thanks so much!
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You could try the WalkJogRun website:


I find this very useful for identifying running routes, particularly when travelling.
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Also, be prepared for the fact that, as a rule, the French rarely run, and when they do, they're bizarrely overdressed for the occasion. Running shorts are never worn; think full-on track suits, and even a scarf. In the summer. This has always amazed me. (So did the French lounging uncomfortably at the beach in black leather pants, when it was 75 degrees out.)
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