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I've used some RSS readers in the past (Google Reader, Feedburner, etc.) but haven't in many years, so I'm unsure of what's out there and what will do what I want. It's pretty simple - I'd like to receive daily emails with the full text of every blog post in the blogs I subscribe to. Ideally it will be a clean, easy-to-read email, and iPhone friendly. Thanks for the help.
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Have a look at IFTTT. It may offer a solution, even if imperfect.

I know Google Reader and most similar and free readers don't do daily email digests because that somewhat defeats the purpose of the service. However, IFTTT will allow you to subscribe to individual feeds and have them email you when they update. I have it done for several websites myself, and the results are good.

The drawback is you can't tell it to combine many posts into a daily digest, as far as I know. The solution to that if you're subscribing to a bunch of feeds would probably be Gmail labeling and filtering. Just have IFTTT email a "feeds" label (youremail+feeds@...) that automatically goes to archive via a filter. Then you have an easy way to access all those posts in your email.

Frankly, though, if you're subscribing to a lot of stuff, there's no reason Google Reader or Feedly shouldn't work well for you on your phone.
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Not to cause you more problems, but rss feeds for a lot of blogs have started to truncate the text in their feeds (so readers are "encouraged" to visit the site and contribute to the pageviews that pay the advertising bills)-- so it might be hard to get "full text" posts depending on what's in your feed lists.
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blogtrottr might do what you want, but I don't know if it will combine different blogs in the same digest. Also, as mhh5 says, they can only give you the text that is in the feed, so it might not be full text.
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