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I love to stop and draw when I take walks in New York. I'm inspired by architectural details and monumental perspective, contrasts of space and light. Usually I wander aimlessly until I find an interesting spot to sit with my sketchbook, but that's a bit tougher when it's 20 degrees outside. I'm in the process of setting up weekly sketching adventures with a novice artist friend, and I feel there should be some planning involved. Help me compile a list of potentially inspiring places we can sit and sketch in the city without our fingers freezing off.

No real requirements, but the places should be busy enough that we won't be bothered, not so busy that we'll be trampled by a crowd. Brooklyn, Queens, and Manhattan are all on the table. Past favorites of mine include Grand Army Plaza and the Brooklyn Public Library, the view of the Manhattan skyline and bridges from Williamsburg or Roosevelt island, the steep slopes of Ft Tryon Park, and the leaning architectural quirks of Nancy Whiskey Bar.

So, AskMe, what are some inspiring indoor spaces where my friend and I can draw in NYC?
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Luckily, I think the weather should be getting a bit warmer this week, though perhaps not quite warm enough for sitting outside. Are you free during the day? Some places that are crowded on weekends aren't so bad on weekdays. I liked some of the views from MOMA when I was there the other day. The Met has great architectural spaces too.
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How about the conservatories at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden? There are also a bunch of indoor public plazas in the city... Not sure what would be of architectural interest, but I'm sure you could find one you might like.
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I haven't been to NYC in ages and I miss the city very much. I have an old AIA guide to read about buildings and neigborhoods that I love to browse. I combine it with Google Street View to see what the state of the buildings is in recent times.
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Response by poster: Thirdletter, that list looks really promising! Could be very useful for stopping to warm up on cold walks.
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Seconding the Met - it is endless. Also: the big cathedrals, and Grand Central Station.
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Response by poster: Museums and Grand Central are on the list for sure.

I think for our first outing, my friend and I will try a lower Manhattan itinerary including the Winter Garden, Trinity Church, Battery Park, and the South Street Seaport.

Any other ideas for locations near each other?
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I have another idea for you! Check out - There's a lot to sift through but he's got maps which might help you add to itineraries.
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If you're considering a return to uptown Manhattan, the Cloisters is a good bet. It is surprisingly warm in the winter, and you can still go outside to the garden and outdoor walkways for shorter sketching sessions.
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