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I recently discovered Commander Chris Hadfield's excellent Twitter stream, and would love suggestions for other great "tweeters" that I am currently missing out on.

My general interests are theatre, running, space, dinosaurs and politics, although I'm open to anyone who posts great content.
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Space: @elakdawalla, @planetdr

Politics: @KagroX
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Dinosaurs: @laelaps
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@ppppolls (Public Policy Polling) has been one of the most accurate pollsters out there for several election cycles now, and their Twitter feed is all kinds of snarky fun, full of interesting findings, jokes, and retweets of their more unhinged critics. Even their poll write-ups are amusing, mixing topics like North Carolina's favorite BBQ, God's approval rating, public approval scores for fictional policy proposals (do you support the Panetta-Burns deficit package?), and the always-fun Things Congress Is Less Popular Than (cockroaches yes, gonorrhea no... barely).

Nate Silver at @fivethirtyeight mixes witty and cogent remarks about the latest political news with links to all his NY Times posts, which are must-reads.
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Space: Neil deGrasse Tyson @neiltyson

Dinosaurs (for a laugh): T-Rex Trying @TRexTrying
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John Fugelsang - Comedian, but tweets a lot about politics.
Ken Jennings is a good follow in general.
As far as space goes, the Mars Curiosity Rover!
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Two comments as a space observer:

Hadfield has been unusually prolific with his tweets. We did know it was coming -- in the runup to the mission he talked about looking forward to the outreach efforts he'd be undertaking.

Emily Lakdawalla ( @elakdawalla ) is AWESOME. No question, she is the best source for news in unmanned space exploration, and has been for about five years now. But that's via her blog at the Planetary Society (subscribe to the RSS feed). Every time I try following her via Twitter, she blows out something in my setup -- too many Tweets for my unregistered use, or too many SMS messages to my phone, or something like that. During major events (e.g. AAS two weeks ago, the Curiosity landing last August) she tweets like freaking crazy. I couldn't keep up and just go to the blog, in which she provides more measured reporting.
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Phil Plait: @BadAstronomer - of the Bad Astronomer blog
SpaceX: @SpaceX
Buzz Aldrin: @TheRealBuzz
Fragile Oasis: @FragileOasis - Great pics from space
Spaceflight Now: @SpaceflightNow
+1 for @elakdawalla, @neiltyson and @kenjennings
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