Dunes. Picnic. Italian. What film is this?
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From these scant details, can you tell me what Italian short film from the 50s/60s I saw?

I saw the first few minutes of this film fifteen years ago so my memories of it are a little sketchy.

It was black and white. The opening scene, at least, was set on an island. A character is seen running down a large white dune. (In fact, dunes feature prominently in my memory of this film.) There may have been someone laying out a picnic; possibly a dark haired woman in sunglasses. Someone arrives by boat.

I think the film was Italian. It was made in the 1950s/60s. I seem to recall that it was written by two brothers who had, at least, made one other short prior to this one.
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This might be off, but could it be these filmmakers (The Tavianis)? This film by them is from 1984, but the first part (a short) seems to fit your description.
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Yep, my memory was totally skewed but I think that's it!
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