Frozen lysine supplements
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So I left my lysine supplements in the car overnight, and the temperature dropped below freezing. Did I screw them up? Can I still take them? Sigh.

My lysine is the Whole Foods brand of l-lysine HCL, which is in a kind of vegetarian gelcap. Powdery within, with the other ingredients being rice powder, magnesium stearate, and cellulose. I will be so sad if I messed up these pills by leaving them in a freezing cold vehicle. They weren't subjected to high temperatures, at least.

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Although I can't find anything online to back me up, I think they are totally fine and have not lost their efficacy.
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IAAB (I Am A Biochemist). I can't fathom any reason that a night of sub-freezing temperatures would have affected your lysine pills. Freezing generally won't hurt something that is in powder form.
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Single amino acids are pretty much bulletproof. For example, if you do a purely chemical digestion of a protein to get individual amino acids you use 6 M hydrochloric acid overnight (or longer) at 110° C.

The only possible issue I can imagine is that the gelcaps might be a bit more brittle depending on their exact makeup.
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(It also seems unlikely that during storage in various warehouses and delivery to the store they were kept strictly above freezing temperature, especially if the label has no storage temperature advisory.)
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YES. I love all this good information. Now I don't have to replace those overpriced-but-gastrointestinally-tolerable supplements. We're so broke, that I'm always paranoid that we're going to have to spend money replacing things that shouldn't have been messed up in the first place. Thanks, everyone.
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I've taken the lysine pills a few times since, with no issues. Even the gelcaps have survived well. So everything went well.
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