Why do I have shooting pain instead of shooting orgasm?
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UmWhat?Filter : Someone please help me understand why my sexual wires are crossed.

Sometimes, occasionally, during activities of the sexual nature, instead of having your standard issue orgasm at climax, I am instead greeted with a really sharp horrible stabbing pain in my hip. The pain is certainly enough to halt the proceedings for a few minutes and is, um duh, a major turn off. What the hell? Thankfully, this does not happen often, but it's enough to make me wonder.

Anyone have any idea why in the world this happens?
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Muscle cramp?
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Sounds like a muscle cramp to me, too. Do you tense your muscles as you head towards orgasm? Curl your toes, scrunch your face up hard? Tense too much, and you'll pull something, resulting in that horrible stabbing pain.
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If this is happening regularly and the muscle cramp diagnosis sounds in the ballpark, try some potassium supplements.
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I hope you're drinking enough water.
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Could you clarify? Your description is ambiguous. If you have the cramp at climax, then I would guess you have some very odd neurological issue and I would visit a doctor. If you have the pain described before climax, then it's a cramp or joint pain.

You're female, yes? Assuming you meant that you get the pain after extended intercourse, rather than at orgasm, I'd be trying stretches for groin and for hip flexors on a regular basis. A lot of Westerners are way tight in the hip area. And in the meanwhile, I'd be looking for positions where my legs aren't too far apart. I trust I don't need to paint you a picture.
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Outer hip, or "general pelvis area? Cause ovarian cysts can cause a sort of stabbing pain
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Yeah, as Joe's Spleen alluded to, does the position of your legs affect whether or not the pain occurs? Perhaps you could experiment with some different approaches -- in the name of science, of course -- that don't stretch the hip muscles so much. Hip cramps are occasionally a problem for Mrs. Steady when there is, ahem, significant extension of the hip joint.
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Many people subconsiously flex muscles as they approach orgasm - I know I do, and yes, this can cause cramping. If you notice yourself doing it, however, it's easily stopped.

If this is happening at and in place of an orgasm, please see a doctor.
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This post on the Blue from last week was about the complex interplay of muscles in the pelvis. You might want to read some of the links. You should also see a doctor.
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You might also consider wearing a weight-lifting belt to support your back and reduce the stress on your hips. Always observe proper form and let your legs do the lifting.
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I get this too! Usually when we are in the missionary position and my legs are splayed like a biology lab frog. It seems to come and go depending on how much exercise I've been getting, so stretching can help. Also you can try moving your partner's center of gravity South a little and pulling your legs closer together. You are right - it's awful and really takes the fun out of sex.
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If it's not a cramp, you may want to talk to your doctor about this. It could be a vascular problem excacerbated by the higher blood pressure resulting from exertion.
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Response by poster: Yes, it is happening in place of orgasm and doesn't seem to be a muscle cramp - I certainly know what those feel like and this isn't it.

Moving my legs certainly helps, but I've noticed that the pain happens independent of the intial position that I'm in.

I was just wondering if there was any sort of general weirdness of the human body that I was not previously aware of that you fine folks could point out to me. I don't have health insurance, so I think I'll wait until I lose an arm or something and then perhaps bring this up with a doctor ;)
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Having been treated for cancer at the age of 26 (I'm fine now) I've become a bit of a hypochondriac, so my advice is that anytime you experience weird pains / lumps / sweats / dizziness / etc, you get it checked out just to be sure. Most cities have free or sliding scale GYN clinics if you're uninsured.
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One other thing - I know you said this doesn't feel like cramps. But a lot of people tense their legs and hips as they approach orgasm to help it on its way. You may not even realise you're doing it.

PS: I can't believe that I just assumed straight away that you were talking about heterosexual sex. I guess I am a member of the patriarchy after all.
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Most likely NOT it, but I feel I have to throw it in - pain during intercourse COULD (just could, perhaps) be associated with pelvic inflammatory disease, a result of untreated/undertreated chlamydia (which is 90% asymptomatic in women to begin with). Again, I'm just sayin'...
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Response by poster: Thankfully, it's NOT chlamydia (I did go to my local Planned Parenthood to take advantage of the sliding scale system when it was time for my yearly exam) - I'm as clean as they get.

I suppose a simple muscle cramp could be the solution, but I was hoping for something... weirder. Ah well. Next time I have reason to go to the clinic, I'll ask the doctor.
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Not to make light of your prob, grapefruit, but when I read horsewithnoname's comment above, I was in stitches. I thought s/he was referring to sex itself, rather than on a daily basis.
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