Help me identify a much-loved, long lost, Duke Ellington LP record!
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I am trying to find a vinyl LP 33rpm record I owned second hand in the UK in the late 1980s. I remember it being called something like "Ellington in England" or "The English Ellington", but I might be wrong! at any rate, it featured tracks from Duke Ellington's 1930s tour of England, and one of the tracks was "Ain't Misbehavin'" - a vocal, not an instrumental, version. The record I remember was most probably released in the 1970s, but could conceivably have been 1960s. Various extensive web searches and some decent Ellington discographies have come up blank. I'm not wrong am I? I'm not remembering something that never existed? Help me, Mefite Ellingtonians!
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It's not 1972's The English Concert, is it?
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No - but thanks for the suggestion! the one I'm looking for is all 1930s recordings and material.
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Looking at Ellington's discography via Wikipedia, I'm going to suggest The British Connection: 1933-1940 (Jazz Unlimited).
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and the Dooji collection may have links to sound files to some of what you're looking for. I didn't find a track list for the album you're interested in, but there are links to individual recordings done in England in the right timeframe. (of course the link I tried is broken, so who knows ... the site that hosts the recordings seems to have an Ellington section.
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Here's a little more info on the record sciencegeek mentioned.
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Many thanks all! I think my original record is a goner - maybe a minor unrecorded UK pressing that came and went unnoticed - but you've given me the chance to hear what look very much like all of the tracks again, and perhaps some Ellington I haven't heard before at the same time.
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