Learning Cantonese in Toronto?
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Canto-filter: Where in downtown Toronto/ U of T area can I find semi-structured Cantonese classes for a total beginner that starts some time in the near future? I often see signs in China town for language classes, but they seem really disorganized. Can you recommend good ones? Alternatively, I am willing to work with a tutor, but how do I make sure they are good?

I am preparing for my graduate level research, which requires me talking to people in Cantonese. I know there is a class offered at U of T's school of continued studies, but they are expensive, and I would also prefer to do this in Chinatown area. If it helps, I'm bilingual in English and Mandarin.
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There are a couple of meetup.com groups that you might try:

Toronto Cantonese Language Meetup Group

Even if you don't find the groups themselves to be as useful to you as you'd might like, the members will likely have good suggestions for you.
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