PC Troubleshooting Help Please?
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My son's PC, a dual boot Ubuntu / Win 7 box that I built myself about 3 years ago will not boot. It was working fine last night. When you power up the CPU fan runs for less than a second then shuts down and nothing else happens. The motherboard LED does stay lit, so there is some power getting to the board. Am I correct in guessing that replacing the power supply is my most likely route to a fix?
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That is only one of several possibilities - to check that first, pull your son's PC apart to only a keyboard, monitor, motherboard / CPU and plug it into a known good PSU from a different computer. (Take all cards out of the motherboard.)

You should be able to get past the POST test.

If you change a known good PSU and it still gives the same symptom (nothing happens), it could be everything from a short on the motherboard, a bad memory stick, or a burned out capacitor - look over the motherboard carefully to see whether you can find anything awry.

Good luck!
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If you get some power, the PSU is one of the last things I would suspect. I would start by removing all RAM sticks and re-seating them, should be a fairly quick thing to try.
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If the thermal paste between the CPU and its heat sink is compromised, it will shut itself down almost immediately in the way you describe. Do you get any beeps?
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It was the power supply. When I called the local indie PC repair guy to see if he had a power supply in stock he offered to test it for free if I brought it by the shop.
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