Kyuss, We Are Scientists, Bravery, Pixies, Doors- I need similar music!
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Could anyone recommend me some bands/tracks with similar(ly interesting) guitar/production? Or alternatively, if anybody knows the influences of these bands?

I really (bold means REALLY) enjoy:

~ Born to Hula by Kyuss
~ Big Empty by Stone Temple Pilots
~ Honest Mistake by The Bravery
~ Monkey Gone to Heaven by Pixies
~ Chick Lit, Ghouls, Central AC,Ambition by We Are Scientists
~ The End by The Doors

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* Queens of the Stone Age (Josh Homme is in both qotsa and kyuss, as well as Eagles of Death Metal and Them Crooked Vultures [also recommended, Homme + Dave Ghrol + John Paul Jones]). QOTSA songs - everything. If you like Born to Hula, you will love QOTSA. Period.

* Fugazi - try Waiting Room and Repeater
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After Kyuss broke up, a couple of the members eventually coalesced in to Queens of the Stone Age. While they can be a bit hit and miss in my opinion, Rated-R is still a cracking record. Also, you could argue that Pixies borrowed the soft-loud-soft dynamic from Husker Du, who I pretty much worshipped growing up in the 90s: they were a massive influence on the alt-music of that era. I'd start with the retrospective live album they released, The Living End and work backwards from there.
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I like my stuff a little poppier that your listed songs, but love crashing guitars:
- Seconding Fugazi's "Waiting Room".
- Do you know The Pixies' "Umass"?
- Bob Mould's Sugar, for example "Hoover Dam".
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Give the Besnard Lakes a try.
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Clutch perhaps?
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Kyuss, try searching for "stoner rock" or "desert rock". Check out Masters of Reality (i recommend live recordings), Sleep, Thin White Rope, Fu Manchu, Unida and Hermano. There's some way more metal influenced stuff that gets lumped into that scene, like Celestial Season and Orange Goblin, that I'm not a fan of but ymmv. Some well known compilations are 'Burn One Up! Music for Stoners," (really) and the the Desert Sessions volumes one through about a million.

I don't know what age you are so you might already know all this stuff but in case you're young! there was a lot of late 80s/ early 90s music with that heavyish, vaguely psychedelic sound with less metal influence that you might be into. Stuff like the Stone Roses, The Breeders, Soundgarden, Tool, Girls Against Boys, Filter, Hum and psychedelic era Screaming Trees (pre 1991).

Other stuff you might like:
Rain Parade
Josh Homme's collaborations with Mark Lanegan Band on Here Comes That Weird Chill and Bubblegum.
Black Mountain
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Thanks everyone!!
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