Learning to live with change
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Tumblr has changed and I'm having trouble finding the picture uploading functionality I was used to. Can anyone help?

When uploading images to tumblr there used to be a handy option of pasting in an image url and a box to add html for captions and links. In the new redesign all this appears to have vanished, meaning that images now have to be downloaded and then re-uploaded, which seems rather long-winded. Is the old method buried somewhere? Any pointers welcomed.
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When you open the window to add a photo, there's a tiiiny "URL" link at the bottom of the box. Click on that and you can put in the url of the photo, which will then be uploaded(?) and an option to add a caption/link appears.

Basically: it's still there, just hidden under a load of uneccessary unfolding.
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Of course, now I see it - dark grey text on light gray text not so handy for these ageing eyes. Many thanks!
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