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Help me have fun in San Francisco but not get stuck in the Mission! What's your favorite spot?

I will be visiting San Francisco soon, but it seems that my friends almost never leave the Mission and/or Bernal Heights when they go out. I want to explore other parts of the city, but their knowledge of other scenes seems pretty limited. I'm thinking food, drinks, music, whatever; preferably on the cheap side of things. Help!
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Best answer: I have a friend who swears by Jack's Cannery Bar and Pho Phu Quoc.
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Best answer: OK well the mission is awesome (i'm in it right now!) but here's a few suggestions from neighborhoods I besides the mission that I tend to hang out in.

Lower Haight (hip, cheap):
Food: Rosamunde (sausages), Wing Wings,
Drinks: Toronado, Noc Noc
Music: SF Underground

Upper Haight (hippies):
Food: Zazie (ok so it's Cole Valley, but yum), obligatory trip to Ben & Jerry's, Pork Store Cafe
Music: Milk Bar

Hayes Valley (more expensive, be warned):
Drinks: Smugglers Cove

Downtown/SOMA (varies more in price and hiptitude from zero to quite hip):
Food: There's a lot... I like Z&Y in Chinatown though.
Drinks: Again, a lot... Bloodhound?
Music: 1015 Folsom!!! Monarch, Mezzanine
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Best answer: You want cheap? How about FREE. The Albany bulb. Please. Please just go and see for yourself before it's gone. I keep recommending it to mefites right and left and have yet to have anyone go there because of me. If I cause even one person who otherwise wouldn't have known about it to experience it, I have enriched the world immeasurably and can die happy.

Yeah, I'm exaggerating, but not by much.
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Best answer: 2nd the Lower Haight: check out Memphis Minnie's BBQ, and if you like dive bars, I'm a fan of the Page on Page & Divisidero. +1 to the 1-2 punch of getting a sausage from Rosamunde's and then taking it next door to Toronado for a beer! Also, Little Chihuahua has good burritos.

If you can get them to go to the Richmond, Tommy's has an amazing selection of tequila. You can get a PhD in tequila there-- not kidding, there is a written test and everything.

If you're there on a Thursday night, you can go to the California Academy of Sciences' "Nightlife" - aquarium + planetarium + biodome + drinks + musics, for grownups.

The Castro Theater frequently has incredible programming-- small independent film fests, plus singalongs. Near there, the Satellite has lovely classic cocktails.

In Soma, the Tempest is a great dive, and the Showdown on 6th just off Market is a hidden gem. Tu Lan vietnamese is just down the block on 6th, looks like nothing but is tasty.

Go eat at Burma Superstar (there's a location in SF and also in Oakland).

Actually, if you can convince them to get on the BART, you should go to Oakland-- the Trappist in downtown has delicious beers, the food in Chinatown is better and less touristy than most of SF Chinatown. The Temescal area in particular is full of really great food (in addition to Burma Superstar, check out Dona Tomas).
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Response by poster: Thanks for all the suggestions, folks! Keep 'em coming if you have any more...
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The next two weeks are SF Sketchfest (link to the schedule). The prices of shows range from $12-$50, with the average being about $25.
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