Help: what SNL skit is my girlfriend talking about?
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She is thinking of a skit that's she is pretty sure was on SNL (or maybe another show, like Mad TV) before 2000. The main character was a white guy with mullet-like brown hair who is easily offended. He challenges other guys to fight and acts really cocky, talking smack, but he can't maintain his muscle strength so he starts out trying to punch his opponent in the upper body, but his punches land farther and farther down on the opponent's body until he winds up on the ground. She thinks in one of the skits, he says something like, "Are you calling me a turkey???" He might also call his opponents turkeys. The setting of the skits might be a bar.
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Best answer: This guy from Mad TV?
posted by Jazz Hands at 5:55 PM on January 25, 2013

This sounds familiar- was it Chris Parnell? He frequently played characters who acted like that IIRC.
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Fighting Ron
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This forum thread sounds a lot like your question. So it's probably MadTV but there are a few other suggestions and links in there.
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Response by poster: Great. Jazz Hands had it! Thanks to all.
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Ah, I see you've got your answer, but the description made me think of this Kids in the Hall sketch. (Mullet = check, cocky fighter = check, bar = check, and Bruce's mullet character calls the other guy a chicken, at least.)
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