Can you use a custom CSS script in Google Chrome?
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I have a custom CSS script in a special directory on my computer, for Firefox to read and parse. See: Is there a way to do this in Google Chrome, and if so where is the directory to put the CSS script?

I've tried searching but it's really hard to suss out the info between all the results about how to do CSS scripts on web servers.
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(though you might be interested in Adblock Plus (for Chrome and Firefox), which is probably more effective at blocking ads than any CSS tweaks)
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Best answer: On Mac, it's ~/Library/Application Support/Google/Chrome/Default/User StyleSheets/Custom.css
On Windows, I'd look for a similar set of folders inside AppData.
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Stylish works really well!
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Response by poster: Thanks gregjones!

For those who use stylish, why/how is it better than a custom.css implementation? I first used the custom.css about 10 years ago (when a favored site added ads, not just any ads but really really annoying ones, and I along with thousands of others set out to find a way to block them), and it's worked great all along. My thought was to just stick with what I know, but if stylish offers something better I'd love to know.
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I find Stylebot to be much, much better than Stylish. Stylebot, at least, is better than custom CSS because you can make changes in realtime and modify on the fly. This allows you to test things out more easily and tinker and experiment. I know that recently several of the websites that I frequent have made minor or major changes to their sites, which garbled my CSS. Instead of having to go into a custom stylesheet, I click the convenient "CSS" on my browser and have the change done in 5 seconds.
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