Current events timeline?
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I'm looking for some timelines that chart recent/current events - for instance, a timeline that logs the major news stories in the months leading up to the 2004 election; or, a timeline that charts important stories in the war on terror since/before 9/11. Doesn't have to be links, could just be headlines. thanks for any suggestions
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google has zeitgeist, which is close to what you're looking for. I don't see it now, but it used to have timelines of things.
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Will this help?
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yeah the wikipedia would be functional...i was thinking a little more graphical. Even an example of one particular issue's development mapped out against a timeline. (A somewhat related example i just found: timeline of Bush's popularity as mapped against terror alerts. I'm more interested in plain old headlines than this, though.)
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go through the NYT Multimedia section. They have a ton in a bunch of different formats. That search doesn't find all the single image timelines I've seen, like a few published during the Plame/Rove leak.
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How about the Center for Cooperative Research's timelines?
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Try the Newseum
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2004 on wikipedia. They have all the years, just change the URL, or "drill down" to the date you want from this page.
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The center for coop research looks particularly promising, but they seem to be in jeopardy...i will look around there more, might make a donation to help them out. Thanks!
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Try 10 by 10
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