How to index a Youtube channel on a Wordpress blog?
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I've just started up a new Wordpress blog, which is all well and good. I've also got a lot of content on Youtube in a channel, quite a bit of videos, as in 200+. Most of that content is not going to be embedded in the blog, but it's useful content that I'd like to be able to index and show to a browser. When I googled this topic, I found a WP plug-in that seemed to do precisely that, generated an XML sitemap of a Youtube channel and a URL on your blog that you could browse and see the content as thumbnails and synopsis. The plug-in unfortunately is no longer available and the developer is not interested in supporting it.

I'm not a coder or WP developer. I've got tech skills and can usually find a way to do what I want to do in a technical sense. Solutions that involve me setting up a coded solution are not in my bailiwick. I have some developer resources, but not much. I could set up a static page and do this manually video by video but that's inelegant at best, and tedious at worst, and pretty much obsolete from day one as content gets added.
I was thinking if I replaced the WP search function with Google search, plus the XML sitemap video plug-in, that would be fairly powerful in terms of finding content you want on the blog related to a video topic of interest hosted on Youtube but not embedded on the blog, but clearly the plug-in is now obsolete.
So, any resources I could use to find an answer would be useful including places I could post this question, or other ways of thinking about this problem.
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I'm not quite sure if you want to embed the channel or if you're trying to dynamically link certain videos from the channel to specific posts or what.

Will this get you most of the way there? (source)
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Response by poster: That link is a good start. Embedding the channel also sounds like it could potentially be useful. There's a couple of ways to look at this. An index implies some way to textually present information so you can choose what you want. That link has a thumbnail and a text line describing the content, so for an entire channel you would have a page filled with these links, which is useful but also somewhat long and tedious to find what you want by looking through the whole thing. I guess it would be useful to know if Youtube videos have the equivalent of embedded tags that are searchable on a channel. On the blog, I could then have an index link that points to a search tag which pulls up all videos relating to that topic.
It may be I will need to embed videos on Wordpress using the built-in tags which then would be searchable from Wordpress or create a static list of topics which would pull up those videos. Thinking out loud here.
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