Time Machine Hates My G-Drive
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My G-Drive is brand new. At first, it worked great as a Time Machine backup disk. Now it won't stay connected and Time Machine is failing. Help!

When I initially connected the G-Drive, I hooked it up over Firewire to create the initial backup quickly. Once that was done, I moved it over to the other side of the room to my USB Hub and now have it hooked up over USB. When the drive is initially connected, the backup works fine. Then, within hours, I get Time Machine errors saying the backup could not be completed ("Unable to complete backup. An error occurred while creating the backup folder"). Further investigation has lead me to understand that when this happens, the drive has essentially disconnected (when I go into Disk Utility and verify disk, it can't be unmounted). It still appears in my drive list in Finder. If I then eject it and then power cycle the drive, it reconnects and Time Machine is happy again. Within hours, however, I'm stuck in the same loop. I never had this happen with my old Iomega drive.

Anyone know what's going on?
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Can you try connecting it directly without the USB hub and let us know if you run into the same issue?

Also, is it a powered or unpowered USB hub? In other words, is the USB hub also plugged in to a power outlet, or does it run entirely off of the USB connection from the hub to the computer?
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Response by poster: USB hub is powered. All the other devices connected to the hub seem to stay connected fine (including other drives). I'm going to try a direct connection later today to see if that helps.
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Is the drive maybe set to go to sleep after a set time? I forget off hand where that setting is...maybe power mgmt?
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