Start your own rock and roll band: What was that book from the late 60s?
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Back in the late 70s, I found a how-to book (ca.1967) at the local library about starting a rock and roll band. What was that book???

It gave advice on how to create a rock and roll band, I'm guessing aimed at kids that were about the age I was at the time. I was in 6th or 7th grade when I found the book, about '78-'80. Even though the book itself was only about 10 or 12 years old at the time, it seemed to me ridiculously dated to me even then.

It had a few parts. One followed a nascent band of young mop-topped men, covering things like how they should dress, following them on a trip to Manny's in NYC to buy instruments, and advising how they needed a little gimmick to distinguish themselves. In this case, as exotic ethnic instruments like sitar were spicing pop songs at the time, the band chose to utilize a Greek bouzouki in their music, which I think also reflected the roots of one of the band members.

Another part profiled several successful bands of the time, like The Beau Brummels and Spanky and Our Gang, and their rise to fame. Amusing because several of the bands were somewhat obscure/mostly forgotten already by the time I got a hold of the book.

I think there was also a section covering musical instrument brands, buyers tips and such.

Does this ring any bells for anyone here? I've done some searches over the years via used book sellers, but have come up with no leads. Lacking a title or author, I get nothing but false leads. with subject matter.
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Google Books search lead me to How To Form a Rock Group, which sounds like it may be your book.
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Searching the above book for Greek makes me think this it.

Does the band name, the "Forum Quorum", ring any bells?

Amazon used copies are going for $75 and up. Worldcat might be able to locate a copy at a library near you.
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Hottdamm! You got it! Amazing. Thanks!
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What's amusing is apparently this was a thing for the author Leslie Lieber. Twenty years earlier, he co-wrote "How to be a Band Leader" with Paul Whiteman! (google books, ebay).

Looking for more information, I have to wonder if this is the same Leslie Lieber, playing Jazz at 99 years old. If so, he's had an interesting life.
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