Where can we watch the Super Bowl in Mexico City?
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My Ravens-loving boyfriend wants to watch American football next weekend.

My Ravens-loving boyfriend wants to watch the Super Bowl while we're in Mexico City next weekend. We're staying in Condesa. Are there bars or expat-y places where he can watch it?

A huge, huge bonus if this place has something for me (I could care less about sportsball) to do in the meantime or suggestions for a single female in Condesa to do for a few hours in the evening.
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Response by poster: (Things I like: yoga, good food, bookstores, museums, running - but it will be a Sunday night.)
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I stayed at Hostel Amigo (warning-autoplay youtube video) when I was in MC a few years back; they had a bar with a big flatscreen downstairs and I'd bet they'll have the Super Bowl on. They also seemed to be cool with non-guests coming in so long as they bought food or drinks.
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I don't have a specific answer for you, but the Condesa area has lots of bars and restaurants that have TVs and will surely be showing the Super Bowl. Maybe just scout around while coming/going from your activities on Friday and Saturday, or ask any person at a front desk type thing where you're staying. If all else fails, search for a Chilis or similar restaurant nearby (which would be that extra you want, as they're bound to be found near shopping malls or more commercial-ish areas that you can walk around in while the game is on).
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Several bars in Condesa will show the Super Bowl, such as this one (disclaimer: never have been there).

You can also watch it in a cinema, giving you the chance to see a different movie or to walk around a mall. Cinemex Parque Patriotismo is relatively close to Condesa and it's in a mall.

Failing that, there's a Chilis in Insurgentes.

There are a couple of nice bookstores in Condesa: Conejo Blanco in Amsterdam 67, and El Péndulo, in Nuevo León 115. Both have coffee shops which, according to their websites, close at 11pm.
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