Are there any other VJ softwares that allow boygrouping?
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Are there any other VJ softwares that allow boygrouping? I am starting to research the possibility of using a planetarium for live visual interaction. Its difficult to find much information on whether there are VJ software's that allow boygrouping. But I'm already savvy with the needed planetarium dome distortion techniques. So far I've only been able to find that VVVV is able to do exactly what I need. Its unclear if Resolume is able to. If you have any insight or knowledge, it would be much appreciated!

vvvv boygrouping explanation:
"There are applications where one will need to use several PCs to achieve the desired output/screen count. In those situations it could become quite messy to deal with all the PCs individually. Instead usually a (render)clients/server setup is suitable to control any amount of client computers from a single server."
"vvvvs built-in boygrouping technique allows just that and therby lightens the effort involved in creating multi-screen systems or seamless multi-projection setups. Boygrouping allows to set up a render cluster, where one can individually select which nodes will run on the server and which nodes will run on the clients. The ability to control which data needs to pass the network and which data is better individually computed on all the clients allows to manually optimize a setup. No magic involved."
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You will probably have a better time investing the other packages support of clustering, distributing rendering, client-server, and/or playback synchronization—that is, using more standard terms for the feature than "boygrouping," which seems to be an overly-cutesy term used only by the particular package "vvvv."
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