San Francisco Business Internet Recommendations
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What is good business (fibre?) internet access in San Francisco?

I work for a Canadian company opening offices in central San Francisco near 2nd street and Brannan. We need business-class internet access (at least 20M/20M and static IPs), but I have no idea about the reputation and stability of various companies nor how much I should pay (prices seem cheaper than our Canadian market, though).

What prices are normal and what companies do you recommend?
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I have Webpass (personal, not business) and it is astoundingly fast, cheap, and reliable. I don't know exactly what their business plans look like but I would highly recommend them if they have a plan that meets your needs.
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Squee! I used to work at 2nd and Brannan Street. There used to be an awesome burrito place down there. And Red's Java Hut!

AT&T and Verizon are telephone companies that will have Business Internet Access. You'll be able to bundle and get your phone service along with Internet Access with them.

IIRC San Francisco is in Measure Rate territory, so the actual cost for the phone lines will be small, but you'll pay for usage on those lines based upon the milage bands you're calling.

Comcast is a cable company that may offer Business Internet.

Shop this around and get quotes for everything.
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I use for residential and have been very pleased. Here are there enterprise offerings.
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