ID Essentials - Virgin Mobile
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What is on the ID pack Essentials that my Virgin Mobile phone, a Galaxy S2, is bugging me to install?

This seems to imply that it is mandatory that I choose to install it.

1) What *is* exactly an ID pack?

2) How will my phone change if I do install it?

3) Is there any way for me not to install it?

4) Is there any reason why I should install it?
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1) Apparently they're customization sets - Ringtones, wallpapers and whatnot.

2) It'll screw around with your desktop and add a bunch of virgin moble apps to them.

3) Not really, short of rooting the phone and flashing a different firmware onto it. Read this for one person's tribulations with the thing. Bop down to 'How to get your phone back' if you've already succumbed to it.

4) Virgin will keep bugging you about it?

Here's a fairly stoned-looking young man explaining how to install Cyanogenmod for your phone.
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