Stylus Problems
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I find that cheap iPad styluses get squishy-tipped quickly and stop working nearly as well. How can I avoid this?

I've been using the cheap 10-pack styluses from Amazon, with the standard rubber tip. I find that after a few days of use, they get squishy, and I start having to press them hard to get them to register.

I've been looking at styluses with a hard nib inside the rubber (like the alupen) or the fabricy-tipped ones, or ones with caps, or just better-reviewed styluses, and I don't see a lot of complaints about that - but I also don't see (that) many complaints about that with the cheapies either. I suppose part of that is some people use them to poke buttons, for which that would be less of a problem, but I use them to write.

If I bought a nicer one, or a different type, would that be likely to solve the problem? I use them for writing, don't press too hard (I think) and let them float loose in my bag the rest of the time. Is any of that the problem? What has your experience been with styluses? Specific recommendations welcome.
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Best answer: I swear by this stylus. So much so that I've probably bought ten of them to give away as gifts in the last year.

There's a little squishiness because behind the mesh fabric tip is a little wad of foam. The pen is very responsive with just a light touch though.

Do not let that pentip scare you. It won't scratch your screen.
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I bought a bunch from Amazon also, in asorted colors. I use them to mark up PDFs on my iPad. I also bought a more expensive one at Best Buy for about $15.

I NEVER have a problem with the $15 one.

I have intermittent problems with the cheaper ones. And for some reason, the black ones seem to be the worst. This makes NO sense at all, as they are identical aside from color. My only guess is that the run of black ones in my shipment had some variable that the others didn't.

Anyway, I have found that when I have a problem with one, if I rub the tip with my finger, it works better.

So, YMMV, but there you go.
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I was given a Jot Stylus as a gift. No squishiness, because it's hard plastic and metal. It's FANTASTIC for writing -- my handwriting has never looked so good on my ipad. It's admittedly a little more difficult to use if you're just poking buttons (almost feels as if it's too precise for that somehow).

The squishy tip ones just don't seem to be designed for writing.
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I second the jot stylus. A little pricier, but works really well and durable.
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I second the Trent stylus royalsong linked to. No marks on the screen, the mesh doesn't collapse, and I don't feel any squishiness. I have stocked up on them because they work so well. I keep them in one of the little pockets in my handbag.
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Response by poster: Follow up question, then: is the clicking with the jot pro loud enough to annoy others in a lecture hall? Might a screen protector mute that somewhat?
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