Locating Manzanita
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Does anyone know where specifically (like near what street) I might be able to find wild Manzanita Trees in Alameda County or Contra Costa County? I have heard they may grow on Mt. Diablo...

Sorry for the super specific question. I am trying to make my own Parrot Furniture.
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They grow in high warm locations, so I have no doubt that Mt Diablo would be an ideal place. I feel like I've seen them on Lake Chabot Road, riding my bike up there, but I moved away a couple years ago and can't remember for sure. I can tell you where to find them in Santa Cruz county, but that's probably farther than you want to go. I'd also be careful before cutting random trees on the side of the road, that's probably illegal, especially in state parks.

You can also buy the trees at native plant nurseries, you could plant one in yor backyard and harvest branches whenever you needed them.
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You could also try looking in floral supply stores. Using manzanita and similar branches in large arrangements is super trendy right now.

In the LA flower district, there's even a store called Branches'N'More that is full of branches!
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I know that Henry W. Coe State Park in Santa Clara County (east of Morgan Hill) is loaded with manzanita, but it's also a state park. However, there's lots of private land nearby and inside the park that you might be able to collect legally from, with the property owner's permission. Certain manzanita species are endangered, you'd probably need to identify the species before collecting it.
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Yeah, don't harvest manzanita in the wild, please. It's very allergic to human proximity.

Find a source that grows its own for sustainable harvest and selling. Please don't take it from any park.

Beware of Your Manzanita Source,
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You want to go to Santa Cruz.
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