Apps for sleeping the old-fashioned way?
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Android Appfilter: I have been reading about humanity's sleep schedule (polyphasic sleep) before industrialization and the eight hour day. I would like to know if there is an app or something else to help me regulate my waking/sleeping to that schedule. I know there are apps for picking the best times to go to sleep and wake up, but they don't have the kind of windows I am looking for. Any help?
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What do you mean by "windows"? I've used Sleep as Android (the free version) before to some effect, but quit eventually because my sleep cycles are not my husband's sleep cycles.
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Most people will get this kind of sleep naturally if they change the light they're exposed to in the evening. Here's some suggestions for doing that.
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Also, as someone who naturally sleeps this way-- I've been doing everything in my power to switch to sleeping all night for years. If you already sleep all night, why try to change it? There is nothing that glamorous about being awake and trying to stay still and quiet to avoid waking everyone else (or worse yet, not being able to fall back asleep at all).

That said, I don't know if it's available on android, but I use Sleep Cycle on my iPhone, which uses an accelerometer to graph the depth of your sleep. It also has an alarm setting that will wake you up when your sleep is lightest. If I were going to try to do what you want, I'd use the app without the alarm for a week to see your natural sleep pattern (normal patterns cycle deep sleep to awake about every ninety minutes), then I'd pick a time, say 2am, and let the alarm wake you in your most restless part of the cycle near 2am. Read for 90 minutes, then go back to sleep.

Or package up your deep sleeping ability and ship it to me. I'll happily trade you for my biphasic sleep skills.
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