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We are trying to manually download a dropshipper's XML file of products. The file size is over 22MB and I can't open it in my web browsers Internet Explorer or FireFox (both latest). I tried asking them if they could allow me to read the directory the file's on so I could right click on it and download it manually but they refuse to do so. They told me I need to use an external program to download this XML file. I tried looking but with no luck. Could someone please help me. Thank you so much...
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Are you using Windows?
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You want curl. Download it for the workstation of your choice, and you can use it on the command line, along the lines of this:


...and it'll download with a little progress bar and everything. Very useful tool, curl.
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Another tool for this sort of thing is wget, which you'd use like so:


Curl has more doodads and features, but wget works just fine too.
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the easiest way to do this sort of thing is email yourself the link. then you can right-click and download. i used to do this for annoying mp3 links all the time.
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If you don't want to download software for this,

1. open up notepad or your text editor of choice

2. add

<a href="http://yourlink">download</a>

to the file

3. File -> save as -> test.html

4. doubleclick on this file to open it in your browser

5. rightclick -> save as like usual
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On a Mac you can paste the URL of the file into the little Downloads window in either Firefox or Safari, and it will just start downloading. Does the same thing not work in Windows?
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In windows notepad do File > Open then paste the url. Then Save As to save the xml.
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