Calling all Google Super Sleuths!!
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Please help me find an image that I saw online but now cannot find!

My partner showed me an image from a website that he liked and wanted to use as inspiration for a logo of his own, but now we can't find it. We are both away from the computer we used originally so can't use the history to find it.

Please help!

It's a drawing of a man from the neck up, with the brain in his head visible, he is looking to the right of the page. In the centre of the page is a drawing of a video camera (possibly retro). On the far right is a logo which is lightly coloured, a triangle shape I think with 3 colours.
The logo is reflected into the camera and then back into the brain, shown with lines and the same colours. The background is an off white and has a retro sciencey feel to it.

Any ideas? This is really bugging me, and as I didn't pay attention to the site it came from I have hit a dead end.

Thank you!!
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was it like a patent diagram? Or more of a drawing from a textbook? How big on the screen was it? Is the man looking at the triangle thing through the camera?
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Response by poster: I would say it was a diagram style.
It was at least half the computer screen, lenghtwise, a long rectangle.
The man was not looking directly through the camera, it was distinctly seperate from him, although facing towards him, so it alluded to the logo, back through the camera to the mans brain, using 3 images.
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Response by poster: I believe the image was created for the company represented by the logo featured on the far right. If that helps.
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Is it possible it's a diagram similar to one of these for Baird Television?
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Best answer: I ended up tracking it down on my home computer, even though the moment had passed.

Here it is!

I think this goes to show that I do not have a photographic memory!!
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