Changing the color of your LCD monitor frame
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I just bought an Apple 20 inch Cinema display (to use with my PC) but, to be honest I dont like the Silver frame around the stunning screen. What is the best way - safest - cleanest - fastest - cheapest - to transform the silver into black - and the white on the sides --- into black ... plastic coating? Magic marker (haha) paint? Snap on something?

My 1800 dollar laptop got stolen (dont ask) and now I have decided to go the desktop route until a later date when I will buy a laptop and have both. And last night bought the 20 inch... soooo pretty
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Take it back and buy an LCD that already has a black frame.
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Buy a Dell 2005FPW for $500 from the SmallBusiness store. It's the same LCD inside, but with a black frame.

If you want to use the $250+ you'll save to buy me something from my Amazon wish list, that'd be cool too. ;-)
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Insulation tape.
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Black Gaffers Tape.
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I just got one of these. A 20 inch monitor with a 700:1 contrast ratio for $599. I've had it for 2 weeks and it makes all my other monitors look like crap.
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Wild_Eep wasn't kidding, return it if you still can!
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Masking tape and black spraypaint.
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I also recommend trying to return it and get the Dell 2005FPW. Just be aware that it is NOT exactly like the Apple unit. I have both and the Dell stand is much flimsier than the Apple, the controls are front-mounted for the Dell as opposed to side-mounted on the Apple, etc.. While I'd have a hard time justifying the extra money for the Apple unit to someone else, I still prefer it.

But if that is not an option, then try stopping by an R&S Strauss, Pep Boys or other similar auto center and pick up some 'black out' tape. This is a vinyl tape that is used to cover up the chrome trim on cars to give them a sleeker appearance. There are at least two different types; an opaque sticky tape and a slightly transparent smoked cling vinyl (with some adhesive). I'd recommend getting the latter as it will make it easier to take off in the future should you want the monitor to look its best when you finally get a G5... :-)
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Anandtech tear-down article

They both use this panel
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Crewshell is a he.
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I'm an Apple Whore myself, but just return it and get one of the Dell flat-panels. With the dell you get additional inputs (including TV-in) and picture-in-picture.

If you really need a firewire hub on your monitor, and a single cable sprouting from it's rear, cut out a piece of black cardboard (like the box your monitor came in), and 'frame' the screen with it.
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