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Having no luck finding a video of a Coca-Cola commercial from the early to mid-80s - likely featured the lyrics, "Travelin' down a dusty road, goin' to meet a friend." I believe it only played in movie theatres before the movie started, not on TV. Any help?
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Hey I remember that ad...pretty sure it ran on TV as well as theatres.
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There are literally tens of thousands of Coke ads online. Can you add any more detail?

Aside from the song, what was the general look of the ad?
Are there other distinguishing lyrics from the jingle?
Female or male vocalist?
Country music or pop or else?
Male, female, children, adults?
Sports themed?
English language or other?
General setting? (as noted) Dusty road? Farm fields? Roadside diner? Night? Day?
Any actor you can remember? (I have seen all sorts of pre-popular actors like Keanu, Matt LeBlanc , Cameron Diaz etc)
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Perhaps try contacting the Coke Museum in Atlanta:
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I found a YouTube commenter who left a number of requests for more information about a much earlier than the 1980s jingle featuring the British invasion group The Fortunes, and which included the words "dusty road gets in my mouth [or throat]". Is that close to what you're thinking of? Here they are singing "the real thing" jingle that they originated.
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