Should I root my wife's Kindle Fire 2?
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I gave my wife a Kindle Fire 2 (7") for Christmas, and I am thinking about rooting it for her. She does not seem to be too enamored with the Amazon interface, and is thinking she might like a standard, stock Android OS. I know that if we do this, we will likely lose Amazon Prime Instant Videos, which she does not use. If you have rooted a Kindle Fire 2, please share with me what you like and/or dislike about your new set-up. Thanks!
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I rooted my original Kindle Fire. Like your wife, I was tired of the interface. I also was frustrated that so many apps are locked down for the Fire. Just being able to install Firefox was worth it. (I know you can sideload apps, but I don't have another Android device to let me do that smoothly.)

Originally I installed Jelly Bean, but then I realized that I wanted some of the Kindle apps. Specifically, magazines like the New Yorker app, which isn't available for Android generally, just for Kindle. So I undid that install and now I am just running a rooted Fire with GO Launcher EX.

I am very happy with this halfway setup, except that it has a few of its own quirks. For a while I was able to access my Kindle library, but at some point could no longer do so. I use Aldiko now and buy books through the Sony Reader store rather than Amazon.
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If you're going to root it, I would just return it and pick up a Nexus 7. A tablet with better reviews, straight from Google.
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I rooted my original Fire straight off and installed Cyanogenmod on it. You don't get: 1) the Prime lending library, 2) some apps which are marked as Kindle Fire only (although most have a normal version, too), and 3) Prime Instant Video. If you don't have a specific desire for any of the above, I would root it.
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