Classic Sunglasses for a Blockhead
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I'm a guy looking for sunglasses, no vision correction necessary. I like the sort of mid-century modern frames of a Warby Parker or a Classic Specs but, after try on programs from both, I'm discovering that just about all their frames are too small for my enormous head. Help?

In my latest try on from Classic Specs, these Dickies were still sort of bulging out at the sides (they measure 53-19-145). My rough measurements of my own face suggest the bridge is probably fine (my nose fits fine in the glasses), but the lens width is really at issue. I'd like, ultimately, to get frames that look sort of circular like those do, in a tortoise shell or other brown shade, similarly styled, for around 100 bucks. Recommendations?
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Shuron makes some large frames. I've linked the "Freeway" style here, which is basically the main influence on a lot of Warby Parker frames. Also the Ronsir, which is Freeway-ish but with a wire and plastic frame. The Freeway is available in a 54 lens.

You can order direct from Shuron if you can't special order them locally. They are very helpful.
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Ray-Ban Wayfarers come in different sizes and widths. Have you tried them? I don't have a particularly big head, but all the Warby Parker sunglasses I've tried on have been too small for my face. I have Wayfarers in a few different sizes, some of which are even too big for my face.
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have you tried Moscot?
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My boyfriend's brother bought some eyeglasses from the (don't laugh!) Randy Jackson line after discovering all the other frames he tried on were too small for his giant head.
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And then, there's Fatheadz Eyewear.

You're welcome.
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My husband has luck searching for sunglasses that come in Asian fit.
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I have a big head and I love the fit and quality of the polarized Ray-Ban sunglasses I get at Costco.
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