I broke my jailbreak!
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My Verizon Galaxy Nexus is unlocked, but I also broke it. Help me put it back together again!

Like most Verizon customers, I got impatient waiting for VZW to push out Android 4.2, so I used Wug's Toolkit to unlock and root my previously unrooted VZW Galaxy Nexus. The unlock and root worked fine, I then installed CyanogenMod 10 and the Google Apps package, and that's where my problem is.

Cyanogen loaded fine, but I apparently used a bad/incompatible version of gapps, so what happens now when I fire up the phone is I get the Google logo with the unlock icon (so far so good), then I get the Cyanogenmod boot screen (so far so good again), but then after that I get a message saying "the process com.google.process.gapps has stopped", which I cannot get out of; I dismiss the message and it reappears, I dismiss it reappears, etc. The only way to stop this loop is to yoink the battery out. After taking the battery out, I started back up in recovery mode, cleared all data/cache (including the dalvik cache), and tried again - and got the same problem.

I believe Cyanogenmod is installed correctly, but that gapps isn't; if my troubleshooting is correct, I think what I need to do at this point is to load the right version of the gapps .zip file (which I have now) onto my phone and install it from there. That's my second problem, though - my computer(s) won't recognize my phone. I've tried my XP machine, I've tried my iMac, and neither of them will recognize my phone at this point, and I don't know why.

So at this point, I have a completely unusable phone about which I'm panicking a little bit, because I have no idea how to get it to a point where it's usable again. I am extremely new at unlocking/rooting and not particularly technical, so if you could explain things to me like I was five I would really appreciate it. Thanks all.
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To clarify, the phone isn't recognized while it's in recovery? I'm assuming you have the drivers installed, but those are definitely important if you don't have them already.
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Response by poster: Nonsteroidal: Correct. And when I start it normally, it gets caught in the above-mentioned gapps loop and it's not recognized then either; in short, I can't get my phone to a state where I can get my computer to recognize it, which is what I think I need to be able to do in order to get it working again.
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Can you "restore to factory settings" from within ClockworkMod and start all over from the beginning?
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Ok. First, when you say you cleared all data, was that the factory reset?

Second, do any new USB devices (such as "Android" or anything unrecognized) show up in device manager on the Windows computer when you connect the phone while it's in recovery mode?
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Response by poster: jozxyqk: Tried that. I chose "wipe data/factory reset", and then after that I chose "reboot system now", and I get stuck in the same loop as I described.

nonsteroidal: Yep, that's the one. And when I open Device Manager, it does show up ("galaxy nexus" appears under "other devices"); however, I'm at work right now, and I just realized that I don't have admin rights here to update drivers if that's necessary.
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Did you install Clockworkmod recovery? If so, you should be able to boot to recovery independent of your PC by holding power + volume down and reflash the Cyanogenmod zip file you have on your "SD" card partition.
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Good, it's showing up! All is not lost.

You may or may not be able to do this on a computer without admin rights, but try running through Initial Setup ("Full Driver Installation Guide - Automatic + Manual") in the toolkit. Once that's set, try using the "push files/folder" option under Advanced Utilities to send over the correct GApps. If flashing that doesn't fix it, then try reflashing the ROM, either with the toolkit or as dobi suggests.
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Response by poster: Okay y'all, I think I got it fixed - I'm functional again, and everything's acting as it should! Now I just gotta get home and get my backed-up data reloaded, and I should be good to go. Thanks dobi, thanks nonsteroidal!
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