In Need of a Dentist in Atlanta Metro Area - Some Strings Attached
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So, I find myself in a bit of a bad spot at the moment. I'm in need of some serious dental work, and faced with some major hurdles to get it done. I need to find a dentist somewhere in the Atlanta metro that fits a rather restrictive set of criteria.

In short, I need a dentist/oral surgeon who fits all of the following criteria:
1) Is in the Atlanta metro area (I'm in Norcross/Peachtree Corners currently, but willing to drive an hour in any direction)
2) Takes both the Blue Cross Blue Shield medical insurance and Guardian Dental insurance.
3) Has experience with or is willing to work with a patient with Trigeminal Neuralgia (lots of dentists will not do this)
4) Can do crowns, fillings, and or removal work for as cheaply as possible billed to both me and the insurance so that I can get as much of the work done as possible before I max my insurance out again this year.

The Long Version:

Last year I maxed my dental insurance coverage by June after having a crown botched by a dentist, then several multi-face fillings done by another, followed by breaking a tooth and needing an emergency root canal. In the process, I found out that one of my wisdom teeth has impacted and fractured, and should come out, but will be a very involved removal.

This left me with a broken tooth that has a root canal done but no crown (it has a temporary filling) and another pair of teeth that need serious work (likely crowns). I still need to have at least one wisdom tooth (really all 4) removed - it is in sideways and has extra roots, in addition to being mostly impacted and was the cause of the broken tooth. I also likely need several fillings done on the fronts or sides of various teeth.

This is all complicated by my trigeminal neuralgia, a condition which a large number of dentists are not willing to work with due to the complications it can cause for root canals, removals, and even just basic dental work.

And of course, this is all on top of needing a cleaning and exam. (sigh)

Any help?
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My dentist is wonderful....dr Jerry Gardner off of Piedmont at Pharr. 30 yrs practicing, lots of extra certifications, extremely professional and has taken very good care of me... A huge baby in the dental chair. I can't speak to if he would treat your condition but he is a dental rock star in midtown and it would be worth calling to ask. Good luck...
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Dr Walter Grayson, DDS, has been my dentist for about nine years now. He's kind, professional and has helped even to undo the poor work of earlier dentists. His office is up on Chamblee-Tucker near Spaghetti Junction.
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Check your Mefi mail.
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I like Dr. Routenburg in Dunwoody. (Right at 285 and Peachtree-Dunwoody Rd.) Actually, he, himself is a bit dour, and his office assistant is not very nice, but he's the fastest cleaner in the western hemisphere. He uses sonic and I'm in and out in about 10 minutes.

Call his office to see if he does the specific stuff you need.
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My dear spouse came in here and recommended Dr Grayson, and I will say, the man has done my teeth from the time I had them. We've had all sorts of insurances over the years and we've never had a problem billing anyone at all.

He will send you to an endodontist up near where you live now - I forget their name - but I've never had a complaint with them either.

Good luck.
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