Posters to finish my coworker's office makeover
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One of my developers just had got an "office makeover" (mostly a much needed paint job), and now has about a half dozen Ikea RIBBA frames on the walls. Unfortunately, he hasn't figured out what to put in them. Fortunately, we're all here to help him out.

I'm looking for suggestions on what I can print out and stick in there when he's gone this week. We're an e-commerce company selling flower bulbs and gardening products, so anything that's either over-the-top geeky or over-the-top flowery would be perfect.

Bonus points for images that work well in the square aspect ratio, match the blue walls/b&w frames, and/or give the frames a theme. Additional bonus points for anything wide format that fits into 4 of the frames that are all in a horizontal row.
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Response by poster: Further ideas: he's in the reserves, and his computer wallpaper has been cycling through many of these images.
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Memes. Every meme you can think of. Cheezburger. Nyancat. Courage Wolf.

Also: gardening? How about Plants vs. Zombies characters?
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How do you think Super Mario Bros. plants would go over? There's fire flower, piranha plant, nipper plant at minimum, and color variations among them, as well as the mushroom characters.
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This would be a bit of a project, but how about a series inspired by Talking Trees and Killer Spores: The Flora of Science Fiction and Fantasy?
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Doesn't sound like it, but on the off chance that there's a budget. You could possibly commission a work of art from a local artist or graphic designer. It would be unique and would probably look much better than slapping a cheaply printed poster of something in there. Support your local arts community!
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At the intersection of geeky and flowery sits Karl Blossfeldt. I think a selection of these would be great for a man's office with blue walls.
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You want The Profound Programmer. (They have SFW versions if large, sans-serif cursewords would be office-inappropriate)
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To expand on EvaDestruction's idea, could you make mock ups of the Super Mario plants as if you were selling them on your website?
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I think he needs to return to a wall of Anne Geddes flower prints, at least until you figure out what will really work.
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Aerial photos of Dutch tulip fields. Geometric and abstract, yet beautiful and flowery.
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