Airprint works...and is lame.
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Is there a better printing app for the iPad than HP eprint or Apple Airprint? One that allows you to print directly to a printer over wifi (i.e., without having another computer running and connected to the network), offers legal size printing and photo print sizes other than 4x6? Thanks!
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I believe that Airprint enabled printers do not need a separate computer to be on the network to work. I think you can also attach a printer to an airport express with a USB cable to also enable Airprint.

I don't know about alternative paper sizes
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I snagged Printer Pro for free/cheap late last year. I have been happy with it. I am not sure about printing legal size etc but a couple of the pdfs I have printed have been legal size and came out fine.
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Have you checked with your printer manufacturer? More and more are releasing print & scan apps for their printers. Kyocera's is particularly kickass.
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Rockindata, the Airport Express doesn't support Airprint, but you are correct, AirPrint enabled printers don't need a separate computer.
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