Monogramed knife bag?
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My love has begun getting her foot in the door in the restaurant industry and working some kitchen shifts. Currently she brings her knives to work wrapped in a towel and rubber bands. I'd like to get her a nice knife bag/roll and have it monogrammed. I need advice on good brands/places to purchase this/what to look for! Any chefs/cooks out there have any recommends? Online stores or San Francisco shops preferred. Thanks!
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Best answer: I heartily recommend Town Cutler. They sell custom knife rolls, although I don't know if they monogram. You could definitely ask though.
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Best answer: I have this one from Messermeister, and it's a good place to start - not too big, comes in a variety of colors if that's your thing. I use it in conjunction with these magnetic knife guards to keep my edges safe from banging around (and to keep myself safe from edges). What a thoughtful gift :)
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Best answer: These guys make a fantastic knife bag: Weft & Warp Seamster. I know several chefs locally who have them and really, really like them. I don't know if they monogram, but I'm sure they can or can recommend someone who can.
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Response by poster: Thank you all so much! all three look like great options.
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Response by poster: And actually... going to piggyback onto my original question. Any pairing knife recommends?
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Best answer: Paring Knife is the correct spelling, for future reference.

About a year ago I got a steal on a Shun "Classic" 3.5" paring knife, and threw away a drawerful of other cheapass paring knives. It's a marvel. I paid about $45, and I see them around for about twice that. It's going to last a very long time, so don't let the sticker shock deter you.
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