I'm looking for flowcharts depicting the oddities of English
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In my lab I was hired in part so as to have a native speaker of English on hand to improve the general knowledge of the language if only by osmosis. So, deciding to take my duties seriously, the other day I drew the Oh Snap Flowchart on the whiteboard of our break-room where it was a big hit, what other amusing flowcharts are there floating around the internet that I could use to explain any of the various oddities of the English language?

Bonus points for being especially funny, helpful, or depicting English that is especially arcane or from an American dialect.
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Best answer: This is a good general guide to English as spoken by British people, and particularly useful to Europeans.
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Probably not appropriate for a work situation, but I found this dirty talk flowchart pretty amusing.

Also, your flowchart totally cracked me up.
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Best answer: The Indexed website might have some good ones for you, especially if you filter with the language tag.
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Best answer: from a recent MeFi thread: unspeakableness
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Best answer: I can't decide if this exactly fits your criteria, so I'll post it anyway...

I like the flowcharts for songs. Here's the one for Hey Jude. There are others for Whip It, Total Eclipse of the Heart, etc. Here's one from xkcd which shows the use of the word NA in songs.

Ok, more on topic - The Oatmeal has some, and HyperboleandaHalf has some cartoons about grammar (not flowcharts), too.

If you google for "grammar flowcharts" you'll get more serious ones. Add the word "humor" and you get stuff like this list of grammar errors and this compilation of grammar funny stuff.

You can also browse around on TheGrammarNazi for more inspiration.
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