Integrative/Holistic Medicine in Minneapolis
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Do you love your doctor? I'm looking for a new general practitioner. In the past I have had best experience with doctors who use integrative or holistic to describe their approach -- though I recognize that those terms mean different things to different people. Bottom line is that I want someone who isn't going to throw pills at me right off the bat. Thanks!
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Have you tried Yelp and conducted a google search on Integrative Medicine + Minneapolis? I might also reach out to an acupuncturist to see if they have a referral or a natural foods store.
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Because it looks like the answers here may be limited, I'm just going to throw out there that many doctors (probably even most doctors) would be happy not to throw pills at you off the bat if you convey to them that is what you want. Doctors are often used to patients who either expect pills or specifically want pills and are disappointed if pills are not dispensed, and so it is important for the patient to communicate their desire to treat issues without medication so that they can tailor their advice accordingly.

If you get a good doctor who has good bedside manner/communication skills they will likely be willing to work with you on suggesting alternative therapies to medications when possible, knowing that is your preference. And they will be able to explain to you when they think that medications are necessary and why.
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Highly recommend Dr. Robert Bruley in South Minneapolis. He's both a MD and DC, and I've found him very willing to explore both traditional and alternative treatments. (Like many integrative med professionals, Bruley doesn't take insurance--otherwise Bruley would be my primary provider.)

Feel free to PM me for more info if you wish. Have been around the block with lots of medical adventures and am always happy to help others as I can.
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