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What is the best film for a Polaroid 600 Business Edition?

I found a Polaroid 600 Business Edition while throwing out used crap at work. I'm going on a trip in a couple of weeks (with my band to Germany!) and would love to take it with me to take extra special cheezy pictures. What film do I buy? Can you point me to a Polaroid Getting Started FAQ? I'm not a photographer and have only used digital cameras or disposable cameras for the past 10 years. Any essential tips that I need to know?
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From what I understand Polaroid 600 film is no longer in production; any genuine film you'll find online will likely be expired and/or overpriced at this point.

It looks like newly manufactured 600 compatible film is available here; I have no idea how good it is though.
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Best answer: You'll have to get film from The Impossible Project, who took over the last Polaroid factory when they decided to get out of the film business. They basically have two kinds, color or black & white (which they call silver shade). The black & white needs to be shielded from light while it develops, so if you're shooting on the go the color will be easier to deal with.
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And from what I understand about Polaroids in general is that the battery is in the film cartridge, so you can't just buy expired packs and hope for funky effects, as the battery might also be dead.
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Best answer: One thing I will tell you about Polaroid pictures is that the film isn't that stabile over the years. If you look at old Polaroids in albums, they fade, get kind of sepia toned, etc. So once you have your pics, scan them!

Also, you might need a flash bar or two. Or batteries for the flash or whatever.

Here's an instruction book I found online.
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Best answer: Any essential tips that I need to know?

It will cost you about five bucks a shot.
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Response by poster: Wow, yeah, that's expensive.
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Response by poster: anybody want a polaroid camera?
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Response by poster: I'm sure the Impossible Project's film looks great, but it's obviously not intended for impulse snapshots. Thanks Mefi.
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If you want to play with an instant camera without the expensive film, then a Fuji Instax camera is probably the right thing for you. Under a dollar per shot.
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