Newfangled core exercise featured on CTV, Global or CBC?
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Partner and I saw a segment on one of CTV, Global or CBC (national? maybe... we're in Calgary) in which an American professor of... kinesiology, or something like it, demonstrated what he said was the perfect core exercise. Desperately trying to track it down.

This was a couple of months ago, so maybe October 2012. The feature was about controversy over the plethora of core exercises and devices out there. Professor interviewed said he'd devised one that truly isolates the core. It entailed lying on floor with hands behind small of back and doing something like a crunch, and that was it. We can't recall if legs were to be bent or if the exercise was to be repeated or if one were supposed to hold the position or what. I've looked all over the internet and can find references and guides to dozens of other exercises but none is quite like this, which makes sense since he himself devised it and did so fairly recently.

The movement is SUBTLE and I tried it as the piece aired and it seemed to do... something, and I felt the next day as if I'd done a long set with an ab roller so we're both eager to try it out, but neither of us is sure about the proper technique.
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I'd venture to guess the person you saw was Stuart McGill (Webpage). Might help with your search.

The end of this article has a description of what I think you are talking about.
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That's it! And dammit, he's at Waterloo. Not only not a US university but also my partner's alma mater :-).

Many thanks!
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There's a slightly older article with a video demo of that exercise and others here, too.
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I just wanted to add that McGill stresses that abs shouldn't be worked in isolation. If you want his version of the perfect core routine, you'll want to look into his Big Three as he describes them: the crunch, the bird-dog, and the side plank. The point of these is to not only challenge the muscles in balance, but to do it while sparing the back.
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