Dog walkers in Cambridge, MA?
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We just adopted a dog and and are looking for a good dog walker in Cambridge, MA to take out him out four times a week. We're new to the area and don't know other dog owners who could recommend someone, so we're at the mercy of Yelp. We live in the Inman Square neighborhood of Cambridge. Any suggestions would be very welcome!
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Your, or any, local veterinarian would likely have some leads.
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Check your memail.
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I use Wags 4 Walks - not sure if they pick up in Cambridge, but they are great and can likely refer.
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You can also check Pet Sitters International, which is a pet sitters membership organization. I'd also ask if your pet sitter has insurance, but if you just use this form, you can pick whether you care if they have insurance, are bonded or have taken pet first aid classes.
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Also, talk to people in the dog park.
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I used Jennifer Melendez (her company is Doggie Out). She was super good with my dog, texted me all the time with photos and updates (which I didn't need, but it was nice of her), and always available for me in my frequently last-minute pleas for dogsitting or dogwalking coverage.
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Also, she was very reasonably priced, which is sort of surprisingly hard to find depending on what websites you look for or at which dog parks you're asking people for recommendations. Be careful in Boston. One dogsitter I looked at near my apartment wanted $110 a night to dogsit at *her* house. Some peoples' pricing honestly made me consider quitting my job to go into pet care, jeez.
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