Help me buy a rice strainer that clips to the bowl
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I need one of these pink things. Someone online must sell one. Do you know where I can buy one?

I often cook rice for lunch in a small rice cooker I have at work. I wash it and use my hand to strain it. This is not really effective. This tool would be awesome!

Please oh please tell me you know of somewhere I can buy it?
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Here's one in stainless steel.
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Possible Alternative?
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That is something I need, too. So far I've got this, which is a small, lightweight portable soft colander...but it doesn't look like it would easily attach to a pot, though it is the right shape. I'll keep hunting.
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Best answer: Ok, it isn't pink, and doesn't have a cupcake on top, but silpoura appears to be the product you're looking for. It clips onto the pot and even has a spout so you could direct the stream pretty precisely.

Some other good options with handles include this. Rather than clipping it in place, you hold it with the handle. Also in stainless steel.
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Best answer: The Chef's planet clip & drain seems to be pretty similar.
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If you've got your heart set on a cute one like that, it seems like the sort of thing they'd have at Ichiban Kan. But personally I'd go with the one brainmouse links. It looks like the holes on that one are small enough that the rice wouldn't slip through.
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Flicker pulls up the exact one. A message has been left about where to purchase the strainer.
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Best answer: Here it is at Rakuten!
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