What is the purpose and name of this object?
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My friends have a house-sit. The house's owners possess two of these objects. We don't recognize them. The blades are sharpened, and they were stored beneath the sink. We have some strong theories, but no real answers. The owners are Bangladeshi Americans, if that helps.

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Response by poster: They were stored in the kitchen, to be sink-specific.
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Best answer: Boti.
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Best answer: About 40 seconds into this video, you can see a women using a boti to cut vegetables.
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That is, indeed, a boti! Grandma would use one while shredding the coconuts to make bhapa pitha! (sudden craving ensues)
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Yep - I never knew the name for it, but my (Sri Lankan) grandmother used one to open and gut coconuts.
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